Atama Furniture

Agent Task Chair - CUAOB101
Alpha Student Chair
Barclay Chair
Barclay Footstool
Bariatric Chair
BC1 High Back Day Chair
BC1 High Back Timber Look Day Chair
BC1 King Day Chair
BC1 Low Back Day Chair
BC1 Mobile Day Chair
BC2 Day Chair
BC2 King Size
BC2 Mobile Day Chair
BC2 Premium Day Chair
BC2 Super King
Bella Petite Task Chair - CUAOB128
Bella Visitor Chair - CUAOB122
Berkley Stool - CUACL101
Boardroom Table - Regent RECTM2412
Boardroom Table - Avalon Boat - BOAT2412QUAD
Boardroom Table - Regent Boat - BOAT2412
Boardroom Table - Regent RECTM2412QUAD
Bookcase Open - Accent BC189
Bookcase Open - Accent BC99
Brio Office Chair - CUAOB102
Buffet Hinged Door - Accent B1245
Buffet Hinged Door - Accent B945
Cafe Table - Occasional - Forum CUAOB141-5
Cafe Table - Harrison CUAOB140
Coffee Table - Forum
Coffee Table - Metal Framed MFT754
Coffee Table - Trident CUAOB129
Coffee Table/Side Table - DTCT66
Coffee Table/Side Table - DTCT96
Conference Table - Atticus
Credenza Sliding Door - Accent SD1245
Credenza Sliding Door - Accent SD945
Folding Table - Conference CUAOB131
Folding Table - Executive CUAOB132
Forum Armchair
Forum Modular
Forum Ottomans
Forum Privacy Booths
Forum Sofa
Hutch Storage Overhead - Accent OH1500
Hutch Storage Overhead - Accent OH1800
Hutch Storage Overhead - Accent OH9
Logic Task Chair - CUAOB112
Madison Chair - CUAOB103
Meeting Table - Incontro CUAOB130
Meeting Table - Metal Framed - Multi Use - MFT1200
Meeting Table Round - RT12X
Meeting Table Round - RT9X
Mobile Pedestal - 2 Draw and File Lockable - Accent MPTL
Mobile Pedestal - 2 Drawer and File - Accent MPT
Mobile Pedestal - 2 File - Accent MP2F
Mobile Pedestal - 2 File Lockable - Accent MP2FL
Mobile Pedestal - 4 Drawer - Accent MP4S
Mobile Pedestal - 4 Drawer Lockable - Accent MP4SL
Mobile Storage - Bag - Accent MBS12
Mobile Storage - Bag - Accent MBS9
Mobile Storage - Bag Storage with Tray - Accent MBS4X4
Mobile Storage - Bag Storage with Tray - Accent MBS8X8
Mobile Storage - Book Bin Trolley - Accent MBBT126
Mobile Storage - Double Sided Trolley - Accent MLTD968
Mobile Storage - Trolley - Accent MLT968
Nordic Mobicline
Office Desk - Accent D1575
Office Desk - Accent D189
Office Desk - Accent D219
Office Desk - D1575QUAD
Office Desk - D188QUAD
Office Desk - Managers Conference - Accent CE24912
Office Desk - Managers Conference - Accent CE24912FP11
Office Desk - Managers with Inbuilt Drawers - Accent D219FP11
Office Desk Return - Accent R126
Office Desk Return - Accent R96
Office Desk with Mobile Pedestal - Accent D1575FP11
Office Desk with Mobile Pedestal - D189FP11
Pigeon Hole Unit - Accent PH189
Pigeon Hole Unit with Half Door Storage Cupboards- Accent WUPH209
Pixie Chair
Princeton Side Chair - CUACL104
Puzzle Ottomans
Reception Desk - Corner DTD2418
Reception Desk - DTRD249
Regina SG818 Visitor Side Chair
Regina SG822 Single Armed Lounge Chair
Regina SG822D 2 Seater Armed Lounge Chair
Regina SG828 Visitor Side Chair
Regina SG829 Visitor Tub Chair
Regina SG829H Visitor High Back Tub Chair
Sapphire Lounge Single- CUAOB150a
Sapphire Lounge Two Seater - CUAOB150b
Specto Chair - CUAFF213
Storage Cupboard - Accent SC99
Storage Cupboard 2 Door - Accent SC189
Storage Cupboard Coat - Accent CC186
Storage Cupboard Half Door with Shelves - Accent SC189H
Workstation - Accent WS1500
Workstation - Accent WS1800
Workstation - Accent WS2418
Workstation - Linea WS1800QUAD
Workstation - Linea WS2418QUAD

We manufacture, import, and distribute commercial furniture for the Aged Care, Government and Hospitality sectors.

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