Atama Furniture

Accent Buffet Hinged Door - B1245
Accent Buffet Hinged Door - B945
Accent Coat Cupboard - CC186
Accent Credenza Sliding Door - SD1245
Accent Credenza Sliding Door - SD945
Accent Desk - D1575
Accent Desk - D189
Accent Desk - D219
Accent Desk with Drawer - D1575FP11
Accent Desk with Drawer - D189FP11
Accent Desk with Return - R126
Accent Desk with Return - R96
Accent Managers Conference Desk - CE24912
Accent Managers Conference Desk - CE24912FP11
Accent Managers Desk with Drawers - D219FP11
Accent Mobile Bag & Tray Storage - MBS4X4
Accent Mobile Bag & Tray Storage - MBS8X8
Accent Mobile Bag Storage - MBS12
Accent Mobile Bag Storage - MBS9
Accent Mobile Book Bin Trolley - MBBT126
Accent Mobile Double Sided Trolley - MLTD968
Accent Mobile Pedestal - MPT
Accent Mobile Pedestal 2 File - MP2F
Accent Mobile Pedestal 2 File Lockable - MP2FL
Accent Mobile Pedestal 4 Drawer Lockable - MP4SL
Accent Mobile Pedestal Lockable - MPTL
Accent Mobile Trolley - MLT968
Accent Open Bookcase - BC189
Accent Open Bookcase - BC99
Accent Overhead Hutch Storage - OH1500
Accent Overhead Hutch Storage - OH9
Accent Overhead Workstation - OH1800
Accent Pigeon Hole Unit - PH189
Accent Pigeon Hole Unit - WUPH209
Accent Storage Cupboard - SC189
Accent Storage Cupboard - SC189H
Accent Storage Cupboard - SC99
Accent Workstation - WS1500
Accent Workstation - WS1800
Accent Workstation - WS2418
Atticus Conference Table
Avalon Boardroom Table - BOAT2412QUAD
Conference Folding Table - CUAOB131
Corner Reception Desk - DTD2418
DT Coffee Table/Side Table - DTCT66
DT Coffee Table/Side Table - DTCT96
Executive Folding Table - CUAOB132
Forum Coffee Table
Forum Occasional Table - CUAOB141-5
Harrison Cafe Table - CUAOB140
Incontro Meeting Table - CUAOB130
Linea Workstation - WS1800QUAD
Linea Workstation - WS2418QUAD
Meeting Table Round - RT12X
Meeting Table Round - RT9X
Metal Framed Coffee Table - MFT754
Metal Framed Multi Use Table - MFT1200
Mobile Pedestal 4 Drawer - MP4S
Office Desk - D1575QUAD
Office Desk - D188QUAD
Reception Desk - DTRD249
Regent Boardroom Boat Table - BOAT2412
Regent Boardroom Table - RECTM2412
Regent Boardroom Table - RECTM2412QUAD
Trident Coffee Table - CUAOB129

We manufacture, import, and distribute commercial furniture for the Aged Care, Government and Hospitality sectors.

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