Atama Furniture

Antares Chair
Bora Bistrot Chair
Bora Chair
Fiore Armchair
Flash Net Outdoor Chair
Havana Outdoor Arm Chair
Havana Outdoor Side Chair
Kona Dining Armchair
Kona Dining Side Chair
Magnum Side Chair
Malaga Side Chair
Mediterranean Armchair
Mediterranean Sidechair
Net Chair
Nice Chair
Octa Armchair
Sarah Outdoor Chair
Scandinavia 2 Seater Lounge Chair
Scandinavia Armed Lounge Chair
Scandinavia Barstool
Scandinavia Barstool with Back
Scandinavia Dining Arm Chair
Scandinavia Dining Side Chair
Scandinavia End Table
Scandinavia Outdoor Dining Table
Sol Armchair
Specto Side Chair
Specto XL Armchair
Trill Armchair
Trill Bistrot
Zam Chair

We manufacture, import, and distribute commercial furniture for the Aged Care, Government and Hospitality sectors.

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