Atama Furniture

Alvito MA503 Hall Table
Alvito MA509 Hall Table With Shelf
Alvito MC508 Rectangle Coffee Table
Alvito MM507 Round Side Table
Clover Leaf Table
Cross Folding Top Base
Cubit Base
Franca Hall Table
Franca Oval Coffee Table
Franca Side Table
Gamma Leg Table
Isotop Table
Laminate Top on 4 Leg Steel Base
Lily Coffee Table
Lily Dining Table
Lily Hall Table
Lily Hall Table With Drawers
Lily Side Table
Menorca 3 Way Base
Menorca 4 Way Base
Menorca Twin Base
Moniz SG590 Dining Table
Moniz SG591 Dining Table
Moniz SG592 Coffee Table
Moniz SG593 Side Table
Peniche SG594 Dining table
Peniche SG595 Dining Table
Peniche SG596 Dining Table
Peniche SG597 Lamp Table
Peniche SG598 Rectangle Coffee Table
Peniche SG598 Sqaure Coffee Table
Peniche SG599 Lamp table
Peniche SG600 Round Coffee Table
Premium Folding Leg Base
Ramis Oval Coffee Table
Ramis Rectangle Coffee Table
Ramis Round Coffee Table
Ramis Round Lamp Table
Ramis Square Lamp Table
Roma 3 Way Base
Roma 4 Way Base
Roma Twin Base
Shaker Leg Base
Sharon Base
Spice Buffet
Spice Display Unit
Spice Entertainment Unit
Spice Short Bookcase
Spice Tall Bookcase
Tetis SG584 Dining Table
Tetis SG585 Dining Table
Tetis SG586 Dining Table
Tilt 'N'Store Tables

We manufacture, import, and distribute commercial furniture for the Aged Care, Government and Hospitality sectors.

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