Atama Furniture

Adelaide 2.5 Seater Sofa
Antonia Tub Chair
Aria High Back Tub Chair
Aria Low Back Tub Chair
Betty Tub Chair
Bristol Single Seater
Byron Tub Chair
Chester Tub Chair
Chrystalia Tub Chair
Classic Tub Chair
Coral Lounge Chair
Cornwall 2 Seater Highback
Cornwall Single Seat High Back
Cornwall Single Seater Lowback
Deco Arm Chair
Devon Wingback 2 Seater
Devon Wingback Single Seater
Fedra SG840 RLX EL Electric Recliner
Fedra SG840 RLX Manual Recliner
Fedra SG841 Tub Chair
Fort Lounge Chair
Grace 2 Seater
Grace Ottoman
Hamelin 2 Seater
Havana Tub Chair
Jorden 2 Seater
Jorden High Back Single Seater
Juliana SG847 Arm Lounge Chair
Klub Tub Chair
Kube Tub Chair
Lara Hall Table
Lara Oval Coffee Table
Lara Side Table
Lawson 2 Seater & 3 Seater Lounge
Lawson Single Lounge
Leslie Tub Chair
Leslie Tub Chair Closed Design
Lily Coffee Table
Lily Hall Table
Lily Side Table
Lissa SG804C Arm Lounge Chair
Lissa SG804CH Highback Arm Lounge Chair
Majesty High Back Winged Chair
Malibu Tub Chair
Manchester 2 Seater Sofa
Maria Tub Chair
Modella 2 Seater
Modella Large Tub Chair
Modella Small Tub
Moniz SG592 Coffee Tables
Moniz SG593 Side Table
Moon Tub Chair
Morgana SG853 Low Back Lounge Chair
Morgana SG854 High Back Lounge Chair
Morris Lounge Chair
Opera Armchair Closed Arm
Opera Armchair Open Arm
Opera Lounge
Opera Tub Chair
Orlando Arm Chair
Ottoman Rectangle
Ottoman Round
Ottoman Square
Patriot Tub Chair
Peniche SG598 Coffee Tables
Peniche SG600 Coffee Table
Ramsay 2 Seater Lounge
Regina SG822 Open Armed Lounge Chair
Regina SG822D 2 Seater Open Armed Lounge
Regina SG822DD 3 Seater Open Armed Lounge
Regina SG823 Single Closed Arm Chair
Regina SG823D 2 Seater Closed Arm Lounge
Regina SG823DD 3 Seater Closed Arm Lounge
Regina SG824 High Back Winged Back Single Lounge
Regina SG827 Low Back Winged Back Single Lounge
Regina SG829 Tub Low Back
Regina SG829H Tub High Back
Regina SG831 Upholstered Closed Arm Single Lounge
Regina SG831D 2 Seater Upholstered Closed Arm Lounge
Regina SG831DD 3 Seater Upholstered Closed Arm Lounge
Sands Lounge Chair
Sapphire 2 Seater Lounge
Sapphire 3 Seater
Sapphire Single Lounge Closed Design
Sapphire Single Seater
Space Chair
Spice Display Unit
Spice Entertainment Unit
Spice Short Bookcase
Spice Tall Bookcase
Star Tub Chair
Starlet Chair
Surrey Single Seater
Surrey Two Seater
Verona Tub Chair
Vittoria Tub Chair
Wentworth 2 Seater
Windsor Lounge Chair

We manufacture, import, and distribute commercial furniture for the Aged Care, Government and Hospitality sectors.

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