Environmental Policy

Our Approach

Our approach to Environmental Management is based on identification, assessment and control of processes across all operations of Atama Furniture.

We are committed to high ethical business practices and government standards.

We aim to avoid, or where this is not possible, to minimise our impacts, while contributing to lasting environmental benefits.

Avoiding Environmental Impacts

  • We do not use / purchase wood products that are not FSC accredited.
  • We do not use products with VOC above E1.
  • We do not dispose of recyclable products in general waste.
  • We do offer a whole of life cycle service, recycling product at the end of useful life.

Some of our Environmental Initiatives include:

  • Minimising wastage and maximising efficiency in the consumption of raw materials within the manufacturing process.
  • Minimising energy consumption and promoting the use of natural light.
  • Timber products are sourced from sustainable forest hardwoods that are certified and regulated by sustainable policies.
  • Shipping in bulk and KD to reduce packaging waste and shipping volumes.
  • Utilisation of recycling services for the disposal of all waste products and excess packaging.
  • All sourced fabrics are recyclable and certified low VOC by ETEC.

Other practices we follow to ensure responsible environmental management:

  • Environmental life-cycle assessments.
  • Review of environmental supply chain management practices.
  • Encouraging suppliers to have continuous improvement environmental practices.
  • Green supply chain management initiatives.
  • Cleaner production.
  • Use of EO/EI products; We recommend EO velocity board for all desking/case goods.
  • Integrating environmental criteria into supplier selection processes.

We manufacture, import, and distribute commercial furniture for the Aged Care, Government and Hospitality sectors.

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